Buy of any administration/s from Platinum Immigrations is restrictive upon you perusing and tolerating the majority of the terms and conditions in, and connected to, the Terms of Use, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, as they exist around then.

We affirm that in the event that you make an installment to us including an online installment the Transaction money will be AED. Platinum Immigrations will acknowledge the accompanying strategies for installment, Cash, bank move and online installment. The accompanying cards will be acknowledged for online installment, Visas including Visa and MasterCard’s and check cards showing the visa sign.

We affirm the nation of residence of Platinum Immigrations activities is the United Arab Emirates. In the event that you are paying through a card with outside money, we affirm that the swapping scale that would be connected would be that of the started card’s backers bank.

Clients utilizing the site who are Minor/younger than 18 will not enlist as a User of the site and will not execute on or utilize the site.

Cardholder must hold a duplicate of exchange records and Merchant arrangements and guidelines.

Client is in charge of keeping up the privacy of his record

Platinum Immigrations will manage all nations yet won’t manage the OFAC endorsed nations.

Peruse More Terms and Condition:

It is commonly concurred as pursues:

With regards to the internecine understandings and guarantees contained thus and for other great and profitable contemplation’s the receipt and adequacy of which is therefore recognized, the gatherings concur as pursues;

It is thus concurred that the customers chooses Platinum Immigrations for complete arrangement of his/her record with the end goal of Migration/Visa Platinum Immigrations consents to utilize its earnest attempts and try in getting ready and helping the customers to get their application dependent on the certainties and data given by the customer and on the best judgment of Platinum Immigrations.

1. Administrations

a) Platinum Immigrations will give a definite Advocacy and Advice on every customer’s case. Utilizing our customer record the executives framework our very qualified case managers will guarantee to give master guidance to get ready case for the customer.

b) Client Meetings can be masterminded either face to face at the Platinum Immigrations office or by means of telephone/Skype with Visas Consultants and Case laborers. Client(s) ought to guarantee that the certainties of their cases are precise and comprehended by Platinum Immigrations.

c) If During the course of the Client(s) application, any data is found that should be tended to, which would somehow or another mischief Client(s) best strategy, Platinum Immigrations will utilize its best undertakings to locate any elective alternatives accessible.

d) Platinum Immigrations will utilize its best undertakings to make the Client(s) case as solid as could be expected under the circumstances and the outcome which Client(s) look for. Platinum Immigrations is giving Advisory Services Pursuant to this Agreement, will not be mindful or at risk for any demonstrations, blunders, exclusions, delays or any backhanded or weighty harm coming about there from an expert feeling gave over the span of its business and furthermore does not ensure achievement coming about because of the exhortation and help given.

2. Affirmation BY TWO PARTIES

a) customer further recognizes that the time span required to process an Application relies upon components, for instance the time taken to confirm the submitted reports, the time taken by the Immigration division to survey cases and the customer recognize that such factors exist which are outside the ability to control of Platinum Immigrations. The customer recognizes that no guarantee is offered with regards to the time frame required to process the application or the outcomes.

b) The customer further recognizes that Platinum Immigrations gives guidance and help just with regards to the visa application process. Installment of any expert expenses to Platinum Immigrations for the arrangement of exhortation and help as it were.


a) The Client consents to give all archives, genuine and exact and real which are required according to the documentation List, which is given by Platinum Immigrations

b) Platinum Immigrations will not be in charge of any fruitless application for the reason like medical issues, any criminal issues, producing or the present of false/phony records to Platinum Immigrations, not regarding the overseeing Regulations, Terms and Conditions, not going to the therapeutic test and additionally the meeting in any way, shape or form, not present the expected archives to the administering body that require, not ready to talking fluidly in English during the visa application procedure meet, not ready to reacting accurately and expertly to the Immigration Officer with respect to the calling or potentially the activity obligations just as the set of working responsibilities that he/she connected for in his/her Application for visa enlistment, not giving right answers on a government office or department meeting official

c) If the customer chooses to pull back or drop his/her Application, or for certain reasons at all the customer chooses not to proceed with the procedure of movement/acquiring visa with overseeing body the customer affirms and recognizes that he won’t consider Platinum Immigrations capable using any and all means, and the expert expenses is non-refundable.

d) The customer further recognizes that if any administration body changes their necessities whenever during the application procedure and whenever after the customers has acknowledged this understandings and has turned into a customer of Platinum Immigrations, at that point the Client recognizes and affirms that he will then not consider Platinum Immigrations in charge of any powerlessness to present the customers application because of the administration guideline change and in such conditions the customer recognizes that no discount will be expected back to him


a) The Client comprehends that much of the time he/she should demonstrate the two his/her English and when relevant his/her moderate French language abilities relies upon area in which he/she applies for movement/visa with administering body. The customers will attempt to give such evidence through experiencing the International English Language Testing Skills Test (IELTS) also a comparable test perceived by the overseeing body at his/her cost with respect to the (TEF) French language if that appropriate.


The customers need to pay the total charges that require for surveying expert, overseeing body/proficient enlistment and other cost like confirmation, messenger, authorization and so forth according to prompted by Platinum Immigrations specialist group on a combined premise without questioning for a point by point receipt or breakdown.


The customer bears the expenses of the Police Clearance endorsement and medicinal tests that are required at times.


a) The customer consents to help and support and commonly partake with Platinum Immigrations and further embraces to guarantee the co-activity of any of its relatives, companions as well as operators.

b) The customer bears witness to and confirms that consistently he will have a decent, uplifting frame of mind towards the workers of Platinum Immigrations. Any rupture of mentality or non-participation Platinum Immigrations maintains all authority to drop this understanding without a discount of any installment made by the customers.


a) The customers concurs consistently, to give all close to home, monetary, business ,current enrollment with any overseeing body whether in home nation or somewhere else as well as other data Platinum Immigrations will require. The Clients further concurs upon the solicitation of any overseeing body to give that body whatever data might be mentioned.

b) The customer recognizes that all data mentioned of him/her according to this passage (8) must be revealed in an opportune, precise, honest, complete and full way.

9. Security POLICY

Any subtleties, data, scholarly or something else (archives) given by the customer to Platinum Immigrations will be kept classified. Data and reports given by the customer won’t be shared by some other gathering EXCEPT for any outsider which is an expected of the movement procedure, for example, government bodies or Immigration division and case officials.


The United Arab Emirates will oversee the present Agreement. The applicants are to concur that they have mentioned this Agreement to be drafted in the English language.

11. Contest

In any capacity whatsoever if question emerges, the two gatherings are consent to search out intervention to determine raise issue(s) at the expense of the gathering who started the objection. Likewise the two gatherings will consent to a shared middle person and will put their full endeavors forward so as to determine the issue(s) to a together adequate advantage.

On the off chance that intercession is ineffective it might, at that point continue on to a gathering of punch, which are enrolled all things considered, held by the individual bringing the activity. The delegate consents to react to a composed grumbling recorded as a hard copy inside 30 days from accepting the protest from gathering. Each exertion will be made to determine the grievance to internecine fulfillment inside 60 days from the date of the composed objection. The two gatherings reserve the privilege to carry the uncertain issue to the consideration of the administrative body following 60 Days of the protest being recorded with the agent.

12. Undoing

(an) if the customer ends this Agreement before presenting the application to the concerned administering body or throughout handling customer concurs that the expert charge isn’t refundable.

(b) if Platinum Immigrations ends this Agreement as per the arrangements of section nine (8) of this Agreement, everything of the concurred expenses will be non-refundable.; The agreement will be dropped upon notice to the customer by Platinum Immigrations of its choice to end this Agreement


In the event that any piece of this Agreement or the Application thereof to any individual or conditions is, to any degree, held or present invalid, unenforceable or unlawful the rest of this Agreement or the Application of such part to people under conditions other than those regarding which it is held invalid, unforeseeable or illicit isn’t influenced in this way and keeps on being material and enforceable to the furthest reaches allowed by law.


(a) The customer consents to pay Platinum Immigrations full charges for Services for the as cited in the Client understanding, But doesn’t Include Governing body expenses and all other related charges referenced in Paragraph # 5).

(b) Fees are allotted on record as pursues until record is at zero equalization: the client(s) will be offered distinctive installment endless supply of the case by one of Platinum Immigrations in this way making it advantageous for the customer make his/her installments owed to Platinum Immigrations

(c) The customer concur that he have connected under current guidelines and guidelines, and he won’t consider Platinum Immigrations in charge of any future or retroactive changes presented by administering body that contrarily sway this application. On the off chance that changes to guidelines and standards influence this application, regardless he qualify and wish to continue, He consent to pay Platinum Immigrations any additional expenses that may apply for the extra work.

15. Discount POLICY

The Costumer(s) is at risk to guarantee for a discount for a situation where:

a) Platinum Immigrations has concurred that the organization is fulfilled to present the customer’s case after which the customer’s case is come back with a negative choice

b) Given off-base and untruthful exhortation with respect to his/her application/case bringing about a negative choice

c) Unable to get Visa/Migration because of the organization’s misguidance

d) Has mistakenly evaluated the customer’s capability for the visa/movement in the main example The customer concurs he won’t be issued a discount should the customer wish to end their concurrence with the organization before the season of Platinum Immigrations presenting the customers Immigration as well as Visa application. A discount might be issued in accordance with 15(a) (b) (c) and (d).

In view of a case to case assessment the consultancy expense is liable to changes, contingent upon customer’s circumstance and further assessment.


The customer consents to hold the administrations of Platinum Immigrations Solutions for relocation to the picked nation on the accompanying terms. Customer will pay to Platinum Immigrations (sum relies upon the picked nation), in addition to the Government Fees. The customer consents to manage the charges of authentication/interpretation of reports, Medicals, Police Certificate and so forth.


The Site may contain commercials and additionally sponsorship’s. The promoters and additionally supports that give these commercials and sponsorship’s are exclusively in charge of safeguarding that the materials submitted for incorporation on the Site are precise and agree to every single appropriate law. Platinum Immigrations isn’t in charge of the demonstrations or oversights of any publicist or support.

Any Pictures ,Videos, & substance showed on Platinum Immigrations Website is exclusively for promotion and showcasing reason just, does not pull in any Corporate, PUBLIC AND LEGAL organization or FIRM.

Notice does not impact publication choices and Content Platinum Immigrations Reserves the privilege to won’t, dismissal or Cancel any ad in any way, shape or form whenever without liabilities.


Platinum Immigrations does not assume liability of the visa status or application result at the particular nation’s consulate. The choice exclusively lies with the government office movement official.