The Client recognizes that the conceding of a visa or status and the time required for preparing this application is at the sole attentiveness of the legislature and not the Consultant.

The Client concurs that the expenses paid are for administrations demonstrated above and the Client completely comprehends that Immigration counseling and portrayal Fee paid isn’t refundable, incorporating into following circumstances:

  • Security risk
  • Medical inadmissibility
  • Criminal record
  • The false declaration, false documentation, misrepresentation or failure to provide adequate documentation
  • Withdrawal from this contract
  • If client declares that he/she has no intention of residing in Canada
  • Inadequate performance at the interview stage
  • Failure to proceed to Canada after the visa is issued due to circumstances within or beyond his/her control
  • Inadequate levels of IELTS or French Testing scores as required
  • Failure to convince the immigration officer at interview level
  • Failure to provide an updated address for correspondence
  • Failure to provide changes in family composition before or while the application is in process
  • Negative Education Credential assessment (ECA) by Government designated organization
  • Client understands that in the event of refusal of my application, if I opt for an Administrative Review of the decision of Immigration Department, then any such fees/expenses related to the filing of the administrative review will be additional & will be paid by the client in full, before filing such review
  • Client understands that between the period of signing this Retainer Agreement and submission of documents to the relevant office, should there be any change in Regulation or Requirements of Immigration, Client is liable to be reassessed for eligibility and liable to meet the documentation requirements
  • In case of work permit 50% of the amount will be refunded in case of LMIA result being negative, which is applicable to the clients who paid the complete processing fee during registration, and the decision completely lies in the hand of respective country government.

Refunds will be made according to the signed agreement followed by the terms and conditions of the agreement.


  • The administration has not pronounced any standard least score required in the positioning framework. We are certain you will concur, there is no component to know or estimate which competitor in the pool (even with low-positioning score) will fortunate enough to land substantial “Position offer” from Government’s overseen Job Bank employer(s) in future and get prompt ITA
  • Customer comprehends that we don’t have any command over the time period when amount will open or close which is under the specialist of region. Subsequently, we can’t give you whenever limit for your document to be finished. The preparing time of case is at the watchfulness of region issuance of quantity and we are having the chance to present an application. We are not in charge of any postponements in handling because of any strategy or time change by the authorities.  Due to the vulnerability of Quota opening time and the number we will get ready and attempt its best to keep entire archives/structures prepared according to last acknowledged admission group/prerequisites/qualification of PNP.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation request should be followed according to the terms and conditions of the agreement..