Portugal Work Visa

Obtaining a work permit and employment visa is the first main step of your relocation to Portugal. If you are a national of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you will not need a visa to enter the country—you simply need your national identity card. All other citizens from third countries will need to apply for a visa to enter Portugal.

In general, obtaining a visa for Portugal is not too difficult—the country is known as the gateway to Europe for a reason.


Portugal is a long country of emigration, has now become a country of net immigration, Immigration to Portugal has grown since the 1990s. This is in affect an “Open work permit” where no employer or sponsor is required and which will allow you to live, work and migrate to Portugal.

This residency permit is based not on a job offer but on your own skills and abilities as a professional worker in showing that you can find employment and contribute to Portuguese society.

* Can include family members and dependents in application
* Minimum government fees
* 6-9 months of processing time until you receive your Portugal Residency Card
* Open to all no minimum experience or minimum educational standard necessary
* Citizenship after 5 years

This is surely a great route to Permanent Residency and a European Passport for you and your family!


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